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Trump Won't Run In 2020: Celebrity Astrologer Susan Miller Gives Her Election Predictions | toofab.com

"And if Mrs. [Hillary] Clinton called...I would give her my whole heart. That's what you need to do." Miller made sure to drive home the point that she does not believe in predestination, particularly when it pertains to elections. "You can see talent, but we're the ones hiring the person," she said. Last month, The New York Times reported that Miller predicted in early 2016 that Trump would "wobble and won't make it to the ยูเรเนียน แม่น election." But Miller explained to TooFab that she actually made that prediction ahead of the Primary Election -- when there were 16 people in the running. "Doing 16 charts is just so hard," said Miller, who writes for nine international magazines and AstrologyZone.com on top of creating original content for her app. Miller said that, at the time, Trump had Saturn opposition the sun, a trait all Geminis share. "With Saturn opposition the sun, you're really held accountable for everything you say," she explained. "So I thought the Access Hollywood [tape scandal] later would be very damaging, and it wasn't." Regarding Trump winning the reelection in 2020, Miller said she didn't think it would be likely. "We have a saying in astrology," she explained. "The 95-year-old woman -- no matter how good her chart is -- will not be picked for the lead in 'Swan Lake.' Even if she has a great career as a ballerina, it's not going to happen." Now 72 years old, Trump was the oldest person ever elected President, and Miller said the "exhausting process" of campaigning would likely deter him from running again.

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